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IM SO TIRED just spent two hours treading water in a pool for a picture is that dedication or what

you should listen to chvrches, they're awesome! and also check it out lykke li's new album, is pretty great too.

I LOVE LYKKE LI i’ll be sure to check that out! thanks so much! <333 :)

"simples song" by the shins, "robbers" by the 1975, "i'll try anything once" by the strokes, "grammy" by purity ring and "simple as this" by jake bugg :)

omg awesome!!! thank you so much i will be listening to/downloading all of these later. :) :) :) 

ezrr answered your question:music recs, anyone???

fm belfast?

they’re awesome! i really like “underwear”

music recs, anyone???